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Planning a foam party

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Foam parties can be a blast for adults and kids alike. It offers a lot of the fun of a swimming and dancing at the same time while being easy to install in a backyard for a temporary party venue. Here are some tips to make sure that your party goes off without a hitch.  Hire the foam machine and an enclosure It’s a good idea, when hiring the foam machine, to also hire some sort of enclosure, such as an above ground pool enclosure or an open roofed bounce castle. This helps to keep the foam in one place so that you can have the fun experience of walking through the foam cloud, and people wanting to dry off or stay clean can hang out in the cleaner area. It also minimises the amount of foam solution that you will go through during the party so you don’t run out part way through. Party hire stores can usually give you some good support on the best way to set up the foam pit and may even be able to come to your home and set it up for you for a small extra fee.  Choose a groovy soundtrack Foam parties have a fun and retro vibe. To keep the mood going, it’s a good idea to have a soundtrack of cool songs. You’ll need a strong sound system so that you can keep your music system a good distance away from the foam so it doesn’t get damaged. If you don’t have a strong enough set of speakers, you always hire these from a party hire store as well.  Provide a spare pile of towels While people might turn up in their swimmers as requested, they can easily forget towels. It can be useful to have a selection of spare towels at your party in case anyone doesn’t have one or if people dash in and out of the foam pit before their towel is clean. You can often find cheap towels at a thrift store or a department store, especially if you aren’t fussy about getting matching sets. You can also use these to help clean up any escaped foam.  A foam party is a fun way to get everyone moving and grooving at your next party, especially if the weather is warm. Choosing a cool soundtrack and getting a proper foam generator sets the scene for a unique party that everyone will remember for years to...

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Fun and Silly Party Games and Activities for Adults

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Attending a party as an adult is a vastly different experience to attending a party as a child. Children get to play, while adults generally stand around, sipping their drinks and talking. But there’s no reason why an adult’s party can’t include some delightfully fun and silly games. So what are some things you can do to make your next party extra fun? Bouncing: Not Just for Kids Most party equipment hire companies will be able to provide a bouncing castle for your backyard. It’s typically something for children, but it doesn’t have to be. Allow your guests to connect with their inner child by having a joyful bounce. Be sure to check with the supplier that your intended rental is suitable for carrying the weight of adults. You don’t want to be left facing a bill for damages when you’ve rented a bouncing castle that was intended to be used by children only. The One Word Story Each guest contributes a single word to the story with often-hilarious (and rude) results. It’s derived from improvisational theatre and is really easy. One guest starts with something like: ‘I’. The next guest contributes whichever word they want, provided it has a logical flow from the preceding word. They might say ‘went’, or even something like ‘vomited’. The next guest supplies an additional word that logically flows from the previous guest’s contribution, and so on. It can be difficult to sustain the game for too long as you might collapse into fits of giggles. Personal Charades You’ve no doubt played charades before, but personal charades allows you to act out an event that has happened to you and your friends. It might be when you missed a plane while on holiday, or when you drank too much and were kicked out of a bar. It’s an amusing trek along memory lane for you and your friends. Be careful not to act out something that someone might want to keep a secret! Most Likely This is ideal when all your guests know each other well. It’s a drinking game, so please ensure that there’s a designated driver. A silly question is posed, such as, ‘Who would be most likely to be arrested in a foreign country?’ Or even ‘Who would be most likely to have plastic surgery when they get older?’ If three of the guests point at you, you need to drink three shots (or take three sips of your drink if you don’t want to go too crazy). Silly, fun party games and activities are not the exclusive domain of children’s parties and are a great way to liven up your next...

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Psychic Addiction: How To Positively Incorporate Spiritual Answers Into Your Life

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When you think about addictions, your first thoughts are narcotic or gambling problems, as these are the issues most commonly treated at addiction centres. However, the definition of addiction is “the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity.” Using a psychic to help you answer questions falls far from the realm of your perception of addictions, but if abused, it falls within the addiction definition. There are two ways you can ensure that using psychics to help you move forward in life always remains helpful, not harmful. Frequency Of Visits A psychic offers advice and direction when you need to answer important questions in your life. But, some people come to rely on this advice so much that they won’t make any decisions without help. This is a negative situation to be in, because what happens if one day you need to make an important on-the-spot judgement call, but you are paralysed by indecision due to not being used to making these decisions alone? By limiting your visits to the psychic to once a month, you can get the helpful direction you need without becoming reliant on it. This allows you to steer your life in the direction you want, while still retaining decision-making autonomy. Psychic Hopping The advice you get from a psychic is never going to be the same between members of this profession, and there are going to be times when you don’t like the things you are told. However, the key to putting psychic advice to its best use is to use it to help guide your life, while always remembering this advice is a guide, not an absolute. Just because you don’t like what your psychic told you is not a good reason to start hopping from one psychic to another until you hear what you want to hear. When you find a psychic you like, trust your own inner instincts and put your efforts into building a good relationship with them. Unfortunately, just like in any industry, there are frauds in the psychic industry, and these frauds will try to make money off people who are vulnerable and seeking constant reassurance. A reputable psychic that you have built a good relationship with should be interested in enhancing your life, not emptying your wallet. When you keep these two points in mind, you can build a healthy, regular relationship with a psychic that does not have to become an addiction. Instead, it can become a positive path in your life as you move through the questions that plague...

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Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Transcribing Videos of Your Academic Lectures or Speaches

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If you have made a video of a classroom lecture, a speech at a conference or any other academic talk, you should consider transcribing the video. Many web video production companies offer transcription or subtitling, and it can benefit you in a myriad of ways. Here are the top five reasons you should consider creating or ordering a transcription of your video: 1. Accessibility If you are going to be presenting your web video to a classroom full of students, keep in mind that some of those students may have hearing difficulties. If you hire a video production company or a transcriptionist to create a transcript, however, you make the video accessible to students or colleagues with hearing impairments. You can give these students the transcript so they can follow along, or you can have the video production company add subtitles to the video itself. 2. Timestamps If you hire a video production company to transcribe your video, you can also ask them to create a series of timestamps. Timestamps allow you to jump to certain parts of your video based on the content you want to see. For example, if you have a written transcript of your video, you can search that document for certain words or phrases. Then, you can look at the nearest time stamp on your document and fast forward or rewind your video to that point so you can find what you are looking for. 3. Online Indexing Not only does a transcript help you search through your video’s content more easily, it also makes it easier for search engines to search through your content. If you are publishing your academic video online, the search engines will not be able to search through its content. They will only be able to look at the video’s title and description. However, if you also include a transcript of your video on your website, the search engines will “crawl” through that text, helping to make your video more easily found. 4. Research Integration If some of your students or colleagues want to include quotes from your video in papers they are writing, a transcript makes that easier. Rather than having to watch or rewatch your lecture to get the quote they need, these scholars can simply look for it in your transcript. It is also easier to share elements with other research scholars when you have a transcript. 5. Sharing Across Platforms If you want to send the video of your lecture to another person, you need to ensure that their computer can download or stream videos. If it cannot, it helps to have your video in an alternative format such as a written transcript. That makes it easier to share your thoughts with anyone regardless of their tech capacity, and if needed, you could even mail a paper transcript. To learn more about transcribing videos, creating timestamps or adding subtitles, contact web video production companies, like Tim Rowlands...

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Questions to Ask For a Marquee Hire

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A marquee hire can help make any outdoor event more comfortable for you and your guests and protect everyone from the weather while keeping them warm and toasty if needed. During summer months, they can also protect against harsh sun and keep out pesky bugs. Before you choose a marquee hire for your event, you want to ensure you get the right one and know everything involved in the rental. Note a few important questions to ask before signing any paperwork. 1. What type of flooring is offered? Don’t assume that a marquee hire includes a hardwood floor, or any flooring for that matter. Some might include a type of straw floor and some might have no floor at all. Other rental agencies may provide a hardwood floor but for an additional rental cost. Note the type of flooring provided and be sure you choose something that will work for the event and the location. Some floors might damage your lawn and others might not be friendly for high heels, causing them to get caught in their fibers. 2. How is the marquee heated? Large heaters set up around the inside of a marquee may be unsightly and even downright dangerous if children were to get near them. You might want to consider a marquee that has heaters outside and which then vents the warm air through ducts. A thermostat to control the heat can also keep everyone comfortable as they get up and dance, or as the heat from the catering tables affects the heat inside the marquee. Outside heaters with ducts and a thermostat may cost more, but consider this carefully, especially for more formal events where you wouldn’t want to see the heaters inside the marquee. 3. What decorating limitations are there? You may not be allowed to put any decorations along the columns of the marquee or hang anything from the center pole or the ceiling. This might put added weight on the marquee and increase the risk of having it fold or topple. This might also be damaging to the fabric or material of the poles. If you want to decorate the inside of the marquee, be sure you ask about any limitations. The marquee hire may offer certain decorative items, or you might choose decorations that stand on their own. Opting for added lighting in the marquee can also mean less need for decorating. Always ask about these restrictions or what options are available to make your marquee look as beautiful as possible for your event. For more information, talk with an events company, such as Surfcoast Party Hire, that hires out...

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Questions First Timers Ask About Building a Pool

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When you are considering building an inground pool for the first time, you have a lot to think about before you break ground. So before you begin the process, here are the answers to some of the common questions first-time pool builders ask. What Are The Typical Construction Steps? — The first step in building your pool is for your pool contractor to obtain the necessary building permits required by your local Council. Once the permits are in place, contractors will commence with excavation of your backyard, which involves digging out dirt and soil to create a hole big enough to fit the dimensions of your pool. The next step is to build the walls of your pool, then lay concrete for the foundation. After the foundation is set, the contractors will set up the plumbing and electrical wiring, line your pool for protection, build the pool deck and landscape the perimeter. What Are the Main Types of Pools One Can Build? — The three most common types of inground pools are concrete pools, fibreglass pools or vinyl pools. Concrete pools don’t have any limitations in terms of size or depth, so they offer more flexibility than fibreglass or vinyl pools. However, because concrete pools are porous, you will need more chemicals and maintenance to keep the pool from wearing down. And because concrete is heavier and needs to be poured on-site, it takes longer to build these types of pool. Fibreglass pools are nonporous, which means less algae build up and lower cost for maintenance. They are also prefabricated, which means they are less expensive, as most of the shell is built in a controlled factory setting. They are also quicker to install than concrete pools. However, the fact that they are prefabricated also limits the number of sizes and shapes you can get with a fiberglass pool. Vinyl pools are the cheapest to install and are nonporous, but you will have to replace the liner every few years, because it is vulnerable to tears and punctures. What Other Issues Do You Need to Consider? — Contractors ask that you think about the location of your pool to maximise the amount of direct sunlight on the water. You should also remember to leave enough space to build a fence, which is a Council requirement for all inground pools. In some instances, it may be more cost-effective for you to build a pool cover instead of a fence, but your contractor will have to ensure that Council regulations allow you to substitute a cover instead of a fence. For more information, contact a local pool company like Gold Coast Family Pools &...

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Five Tips for Planning Environmentally Friendly Kids’ Birthday Parties

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Kids’ birthday parties have become huge events, and if you are in the midst of planning one, there are numerous things to think about. In particular, you might want to think about how your party is affecting the planet. As you are planning the party for kids, plan one that leaves the planet in a positive state for their future. To achieve that, take a look at these tips: 1. Use biodegradable products. With dozens of kids running around eating pizza and cake, you likely don’t want to use your best china. However, disposable products aren’t always that great for the environment. Instead of plastic or styrofoam, use biodegradable products. This piece of advice can apply to everything from plates, to water balloons to tablecloths — when the party is over, you can just throw most of that stuff in your compost bin. 2. Hire quality party equipment. If you need tables, chairs, tents or even party games, you can go to the store and buy inexpensive party items, but ultimately, cheap items tend to break quickly and end up in landfills. Instead, protect the environment by investing in quality party equipment. So that you don’t have to spend lots of money on items you may only use once, consider hiring party equipment. You can hire everything you need from decorations to cupcake stands. 3. Embrace the season. When planning your party, embrace the season. Fighting it typically wastes energy and resources. For example, if the party is in the middle of a hot summer day, go swimming or run through sprinklers. Don’t hang out inside in frosty air conditioning that wastes energy. 4. Consider embracing repurposed items for your decorations. When planning decorations for your kids’ birthday, play with the idea of using or making repurposed decorations that involves taking old items and turning them into something new. For example, old drawers can be turned into serving platters, old maps can be turned into paper garlands, and your kids’ old trophies can even be repurposed trophies into fun cake platters. 5. Serve local food. When thinking about the environment, you need to consider every aspect of your party, and that includes the food. With so many kids who have allergies or sensitivities to different foods, consider asking parents about which foods are off-limits to their kids and then consider adjusting your menu accordingly. However, regardless of which diets you opt to accommodate, use locally grown food. It has fewer miles to travel, making it innately environmentally...

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4 fun activities for a sober hen party

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A hen night is one of the most fun and raucous nights in a woman’s life. It is her chance to let her hair down with her friends before committing to a life of marriage with her partner. But since hen nights are usually associated with drinking games and debauchery, what can make a hen night really go off if the bride-to-be isn’t a drinker? It is certainly not the case that fun between a group of female friends has to be booze filled. If you are the chief bridesmaid in charge of planning unforgettable hen night activities, why not try out one of these for size? Bollywood dance classes. Dance classes can be fun for a hen night, but only if you pick the right kind. Opt for ballet lessons and things might get a bit serious – as though you are back at school. Pick something that is purely fun and that most of the party is unlikely to be experienced in – Bollywood dancing. You’ll get to dance to fun Indian music, and it’s easy to pick up a few steps as a beginner. Ask the teacher in advance if they can choreograph a routine for the group, which you can capture on camera as a hen night keepsake. Wedding hat making. A friend’s wedding day is the perfect time to wear something extra special – at what other occasion do you have the perfect excuse to wear a dramatic, flouncy hat? If you organise a hat making class for the hen night, you’ll be killing two birds with one stone. The bridal party will be able to create headpieces they can actually wear on the wedding day, and have a whole lot of fun in the process. Chocolate crawl. When you can’t go on a bar crawl, what’s the next best thing? Organise of tour of chocolatiers in the area where you live. Set up appointments in advance so that you can be treated to the best that each chocolatier has to offer, while learning something about the chocolate making process as you go. Sailing lessons. If the bridal party is all set on a beach getaway, you’ll have to think carefully about how to make it a trip to remember as the classic beach party won’t cut it for a bride who doesn’t drink. If you organise some sailing lessons, the party will be able to enjoy the expanse of the ocean in a new way, and if the group is competitive, split into two and have a sailing...

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Some Great Advantages Of Holding A Work Function Outdoors

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There are many reasons why a company may wish to hold a function or a celebration for its staff. It may be that targets set by the business were met or exceeded, or it may be to celebrate the fact that a member of staff has served the company for a long time. Although it is fair to say that the majority of businesses tend to look for more traditional indoor venues, there are some great advantages of holding the function at an outdoor venue. This article looks at some of the benefits of holding an outdoor function for your next work party. Change Of Scenery This is a great advantage for businesses that are usually office based or work from a warehouse or similar premises. Working indoors all of the time can get a little monotonous; staging an indoor venue only really succeeds in moving the employees from one indoor location to another. Having the event outdoors allows the staff to enjoy the fresh air, and  any scenery that is attractive to view. This can boost the morale of the staff. Allows More Space When you choose to hold a staff function outdoors, you can choose a location that allows you to work with more space. For example, an event that is hosted in a large, open green space will be much more spacious for your guests, compared to having everyone together in a room. Rooms, compared to being outdoors, can feel a little cramped. With all the employees in close proximity to each other, some people feel the need to go outside for fresh air. When outdoors, the feeling of being cramped and a lack of fresh air is avoided completely. You can host an event that allows people to sit comfortably and enjoy themselves. Invite More People If you book an indoor venue then you will be given a maximum number of guests that you can invite. For companies with a large number of employees, this can be quite restrictive. A business owner may have to pick and choose some guests, and leave others out. This can cause an uncomfortable feeling for the  owner and can leave the people left out feeling upset. When a function is held in a large, outdoor area, you will have less restrictions on the number of people who can come. This will help to make all your staff feel included and avoid an unpleasant situation. Using an indoor venue usually means that the premises will insist on using their own caterers, something that you are liberated from when staging the function...

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Advantages of Enlisting Party Hire Services

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Everybody loves a good party. However, if you are planning to host guests by planning a party, you are probably aware that it takes a lot of organization and can prove to be quite stressful. The good news is that you do not have to suffer throughout the entire planning period and end up wishing that it was all over and done with. If you would like to enjoy your party as much as your guests without having to compromise on the quality of the event, then you should consider enlisting party hire services. There are several advantages with having your event organized for you. You venue options are not limited If you are individually planning for a party, chances are your venue options will be limited due to various factors. If you plan to hold the party outdoors, you would have to be certain of the weather conditions or opt to hire tents to ensure the comfort of your guests. This becomes an added cost. Another limitation would be whether you will opt for the venue’s catering or would like to have your own chef. Generally, venues such as hotels will not allow you to outsource your menu, thus you will have to settle for what they offer you and your guests. With party hire, you do not have to worry about any of these limitations. Most party hire companies will offer a full service package. This means ensuring you get the venue of your choice and they will set up a marquee if need be. They will also give you the option of providing a caterer or letting you hire one of your choice.  You get all your needs from one place Once you have a venue you have to consider the décor, a public announcement system, entertainment for the guests, portaloo hire if the event is outdoors and more. When planning for these things on your own, chances are you will have to source these different requirements from various vendors. Not only is this hectic, but it can also be quite expensive. With party hire, they are tasked with providing everything you need. Whether they already have them available or have their own suppliers, you do not have to worry about varying costs or not being able to get something on time. All you need to do is make a onetime payment for all the party...

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