Some Great Advantages Of Holding A Work Function Outdoors

Posted on: 8 September 2015


There are many reasons why a company may wish to hold a function or a celebration for its staff. It may be that targets set by the business were met or exceeded, or it may be to celebrate the fact that a member of staff has served the company for a long time. Although it is fair to say that the majority of businesses tend to look for more traditional indoor venues, there are some great advantages of holding the function at an outdoor venue. This article looks at some of the benefits of holding an outdoor function for your next work party.

Change Of Scenery

This is a great advantage for businesses that are usually office based or work from a warehouse or similar premises. Working indoors all of the time can get a little monotonous; staging an indoor venue only really succeeds in moving the employees from one indoor location to another. Having the event outdoors allows the staff to enjoy the fresh air, and  any scenery that is attractive to view. This can boost the morale of the staff.

Allows More Space

When you choose to hold a staff function outdoors, you can choose a location that allows you to work with more space. For example, an event that is hosted in a large, open green space will be much more spacious for your guests, compared to having everyone together in a room. Rooms, compared to being outdoors, can feel a little cramped. With all the employees in close proximity to each other, some people feel the need to go outside for fresh air. When outdoors, the feeling of being cramped and a lack of fresh air is avoided completely. You can host an event that allows people to sit comfortably and enjoy themselves.

Invite More People

If you book an indoor venue then you will be given a maximum number of guests that you can invite. For companies with a large number of employees, this can be quite restrictive. A business owner may have to pick and choose some guests, and leave others out. This can cause an uncomfortable feeling for the  owner and can leave the people left out feeling upset. When a function is held in a large, outdoor area, you will have less restrictions on the number of people who can come. This will help to make all your staff feel included and avoid an unpleasant situation.

Using an indoor venue usually means that the premises will insist on using their own caterers, something that you are liberated from when staging the function outdoors.