Five Tips for Planning Environmentally Friendly Kids' Birthday Parties

Posted on: 11 September 2015


Kids' birthday parties have become huge events, and if you are in the midst of planning one, there are numerous things to think about. In particular, you might want to think about how your party is affecting the planet. As you are planning the party for kids, plan one that leaves the planet in a positive state for their future.

To achieve that, take a look at these tips:

1. Use biodegradable products.

With dozens of kids running around eating pizza and cake, you likely don't want to use your best china. However, disposable products aren't always that great for the environment.

Instead of plastic or styrofoam, use biodegradable products. This piece of advice can apply to everything from plates, to water balloons to tablecloths -- when the party is over, you can just throw most of that stuff in your compost bin.

2. Hire quality party equipment.

If you need tables, chairs, tents or even party games, you can go to the store and buy inexpensive party items, but ultimately, cheap items tend to break quickly and end up in landfills. Instead, protect the environment by investing in quality party equipment.

So that you don't have to spend lots of money on items you may only use once, consider hiring party equipment. You can hire everything you need from decorations to cupcake stands.

3. Embrace the season.

When planning your party, embrace the season. Fighting it typically wastes energy and resources. For example, if the party is in the middle of a hot summer day, go swimming or run through sprinklers. Don't hang out inside in frosty air conditioning that wastes energy.

4. Consider embracing repurposed items for your decorations.

When planning decorations for your kids' birthday, play with the idea of using or making repurposed decorations that involves taking old items and turning them into something new. For example, old drawers can be turned into serving platters, old maps can be turned into paper garlands, and your kids' old trophies can even be repurposed trophies into fun cake platters.

5. Serve local food.

When thinking about the environment, you need to consider every aspect of your party, and that includes the food. With so many kids who have allergies or sensitivities to different foods, consider asking parents about which foods are off-limits to their kids and then consider adjusting your menu accordingly. However, regardless of which diets you opt to accommodate, use locally grown food. It has fewer miles to travel, making it innately environmentally friendly.