Questions to Ask For a Marquee Hire

Posted on: 22 September 2015


A marquee hire can help make any outdoor event more comfortable for you and your guests and protect everyone from the weather while keeping them warm and toasty if needed. During summer months, they can also protect against harsh sun and keep out pesky bugs. Before you choose a marquee hire for your event, you want to ensure you get the right one and know everything involved in the rental. Note a few important questions to ask before signing any paperwork.

1. What type of flooring is offered?

Don't assume that a marquee hire includes a hardwood floor, or any flooring for that matter. Some might include a type of straw floor and some might have no floor at all. Other rental agencies may provide a hardwood floor but for an additional rental cost. Note the type of flooring provided and be sure you choose something that will work for the event and the location. Some floors might damage your lawn and others might not be friendly for high heels, causing them to get caught in their fibers.

2. How is the marquee heated?

Large heaters set up around the inside of a marquee may be unsightly and even downright dangerous if children were to get near them. You might want to consider a marquee that has heaters outside and which then vents the warm air through ducts. A thermostat to control the heat can also keep everyone comfortable as they get up and dance, or as the heat from the catering tables affects the heat inside the marquee. Outside heaters with ducts and a thermostat may cost more, but consider this carefully, especially for more formal events where you wouldn't want to see the heaters inside the marquee.

3. What decorating limitations are there?

You may not be allowed to put any decorations along the columns of the marquee or hang anything from the center pole or the ceiling. This might put added weight on the marquee and increase the risk of having it fold or topple. This might also be damaging to the fabric or material of the poles. If you want to decorate the inside of the marquee, be sure you ask about any limitations. The marquee hire may offer certain decorative items, or you might choose decorations that stand on their own. Opting for added lighting in the marquee can also mean less need for decorating. Always ask about these restrictions or what options are available to make your marquee look as beautiful as possible for your event.

For more information, talk with an events company, such as Surfcoast Party Hire, that hires out marquees.