Fun and Silly Party Games and Activities for Adults

Posted on: 21 January 2016


Attending a party as an adult is a vastly different experience to attending a party as a child. Children get to play, while adults generally stand around, sipping their drinks and talking. But there's no reason why an adult's party can't include some delightfully fun and silly games. So what are some things you can do to make your next party extra fun?

Bouncing: Not Just for Kids

Most party equipment hire companies will be able to provide a bouncing castle for your backyard. It's typically something for children, but it doesn't have to be. Allow your guests to connect with their inner child by having a joyful bounce. Be sure to check with the supplier that your intended rental is suitable for carrying the weight of adults. You don't want to be left facing a bill for damages when you've rented a bouncing castle that was intended to be used by children only.

The One Word Story

Each guest contributes a single word to the story with often-hilarious (and rude) results. It's derived from improvisational theatre and is really easy. One guest starts with something like: 'I'. The next guest contributes whichever word they want, provided it has a logical flow from the preceding word. They might say 'went', or even something like 'vomited'. The next guest supplies an additional word that logically flows from the previous guest's contribution, and so on. It can be difficult to sustain the game for too long as you might collapse into fits of giggles.

Personal Charades

You've no doubt played charades before, but personal charades allows you to act out an event that has happened to you and your friends. It might be when you missed a plane while on holiday, or when you drank too much and were kicked out of a bar. It's an amusing trek along memory lane for you and your friends. Be careful not to act out something that someone might want to keep a secret!

Most Likely

This is ideal when all your guests know each other well. It's a drinking game, so please ensure that there's a designated driver. A silly question is posed, such as, 'Who would be most likely to be arrested in a foreign country?' Or even 'Who would be most likely to have plastic surgery when they get older?' If three of the guests point at you, you need to drink three shots (or take three sips of your drink if you don't want to go too crazy).

Silly, fun party games and activities are not the exclusive domain of children's parties and are a great way to liven up your next gathering.