4 Fun Ways to Use the BYOD Trend in Your Own Restaurant

Posted on: 21 August 2018


For years, businesses have been embracing the bring your own device (BYOD) trend. At the same time, many restaurants have been turning to iPads or other electronic devices to facilitate customer orders. What happens if you combine these trends? If you own a restaurant, you may want to consider the potential of having your customers bring their own devices. Here's a look at just some of the BYOD possibilities you may want to explore.

1. Entertainment

Children can be antzy in restaurants, but if you can calm them down, you increase the chance that their parents will order another drink or stay for dessert. To do that, you may want to offer unique entertainment options that guests can access on BYOD devices.

Many airlines are already shifting to this technique. Rather than showing passengers videos on screens built into the back of the seats, some airlines are letting their passengers sign into entertainment services on their own phones. Of course, your customers could always look at their own collection of downloaded games or use their own streaming services, but that's not as fun as getting access to a whole host of games or movies that they can only see in your restaurant.

2. Ordering

You can also use the BYOD trend to facilitate ordering. Invite your customers to download an app and put in orders from their phones. Ideally, these features should be separate from the part of the app that customers use to order takeaway food. That way, you can include restaurant-specific requests such as "bring more sauce", "refill the water" or similar requests.

3. Digital Signs

You can also turn your customers' own devices into digital signs. With the right technology, you can set up your restaurant so that customers receive different notifications based on where they are in your restaurant. For instance, if they're waiting for a table, you can let them know about the day's specials. If they're sitting at a table, you can alert them when happy hour is almost over so they know to put in a drink order. And you can customise all sorts of other messages or "digital signs".  

4. Feedback

Get a sense of what your customers are thinking by asking them directly. After the meal, set up your system so they automatically get a survey about their service. Then, you can take those ideas and use them to improve your offerings.

You don't have to spend a lot of money on infrastructure and equipment. Instead, you can work with an entertainment specialist to set up fun and effective technology that takes advantage of the devices your customers are already carrying. To learn more about BYOD options, contact a specialist today.