4 fun activities for a sober hen party

Posted on: 11 September 2015

A hen night is one of the most fun and raucous nights in a woman's life. It is her chance to let her hair down with her friends before committing to a life of marriage with her partner. But since hen nights are usually associated with drinking games and debauchery, what can make a hen night really go off if the bride-to-be isn't a drinker? It is certainly not the case that fun between a group of female friends has to be booze filled.
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Some Great Advantages Of Holding A Work Function Outdoors

Posted on: 8 September 2015

There are many reasons why a company may wish to hold a function or a celebration for its staff. It may be that targets set by the business were met or exceeded, or it may be to celebrate the fact that a member of staff has served the company for a long time. Although it is fair to say that the majority of businesses tend to look for more traditional indoor venues, there are some great advantages of holding the function at an outdoor venue.
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Advantages of Enlisting Party Hire Services

Posted on: 3 September 2015

Everybody loves a good party. However, if you are planning to host guests by planning a party, you are probably aware that it takes a lot of organization and can prove to be quite stressful. The good news is that you do not have to suffer throughout the entire planning period and end up wishing that it was all over and done with. If you would like to enjoy your party as much as your guests without having to compromise on the quality of the event, then you should consider enlisting party hire services.
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